Wholesale Distributors

You Have A Choice When Placing Your Wholesale Orders With Pedors

  • You can place your order directly with Pedors on this website using either a PO or by using a credit card that we will keep on file.  We will place your order with the most suitable distributor for item availability and speed of delivery and they will bill your credit card accordingly.  To start, click here.
  • Or your can order directly from one of our Pedors Distributor Websites below.  These sites have the added benefit of being able to accept credit card payment at time of ordering.  You can also order on PO and with a credit card on file on those sites too.

Credit Card Ordering At Time Of Purchase

  • Order With A PO
  • Terms Offered After Suitable Credit Check
  • Or Pay Online With Credit Card Time Of Ordering
  • Or Pay Offline With A Credit Card Kept On File 
PedorsBurten.com Based in Los Angeles, California   PedorsRuby.com Based in New Berlin, Wisconsin
Link To PedorsBurten.com                     Link To PedorsRuby.com


You Can Also Order Directly On This Website (pedors247.com) & We Will Reroute Your Order To The Appropriate Distributor