Pedors Shoes® - Fantastically Functional Footwear™

For nearly 20 years Pedors Shoes has incorporated the latest developments in material technology to manufacture accommodative orthopedic and diabetic footwear- what we like to call “Fantastically Functional Footwear”. We are known as the original orthopedic stretch shoe company and recognized as the pioneers in the industry for designing and manufacturing quality affordable foot health care products that help keep patients ambulatory. 

Our wholesale customers are foot care professionals, including Podiatrists and Chiropedists, Orthotists and Prosthetists, Orthopedists and Pedorthists, Foot & Ankle Surgeons, Wound Care Specialists, Lymphedema and Diabetes educators. 


Pedors branded products feature Pedoprene™

Although some stretch shoes might look similar, they do not function the way Pedors® do.

Pedoprene™ is a stretch material that is also heat moldable. The intent of the design is to provide an accommodative over the counter shoe that can, if necessary, be easily modified. We offer free samples for those practitioners interested in evaluating the heat mold technology. 

When choosing a stretch shoe for your patient it's important to consider the following: 
a) Does the stretch material stretch at all? Surprisingly, some manufacturer's use materials that do not. Ordering a product that is supposed to stretch but doesn't defeats the purpose of fitting the shoe in the first place. If you order a shoe and find that it doesn't stretch the way you want it to - send it back.

b) Does the stretch material stretch too much? Some products use lycra or spandex like materials that stretch but provide little, if any, support. Usually these products have a rigid toe box that also defeats the object of the design.
c) Can the stretch material be heat molded and modified to address a particular forefoot deformity? A shoe that can accommodate a spot heat mold ensures relief from potential trauma caused by a pressure point. When you next order a stretch shoe be sure to ask if the shoe can be heat molded. 
If in doubt, order your next stretch shoe from the original stretch shoe company, Pedors®.

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Our customer service department can be reached on 800 750 6729 (770 218 8282). Alternatively please email support@pedors247.com with any questions you may have.