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Pedors® Inserts

The Pedors Prefabricated Diabetic Insert Program


Cradle the plantar surface of the foot with 100% plantar contact minimizing sheer forces in the shoe


Blisters, calluses, ulcers, pressure points. 


The health of the foot with evenly distributed plantar surface weight. 

 Pedors 3P Diabetic insert design and specifications:

The Pedors 3P insert has been consistently recognized by practitioners as the best heat moldable prefabricated insert available in the marketplace.

The insert has been reviewed and meets the requirements for coverage under  Medicare's TSD Bill. 

The insert is available in full sizes and shaped to fit all Pedors lasted shoes. Some minor trimming may be required for half sizes. 

The 3P insert has a 6mm durable 45A durometer  polyurethane base layer for support with a 4mm cushioned  15A durometer  cellular urethane Poron™ middle layer and a 4mm soft 25A durometer heat moldable polyethylene top layer that molds to the plantar surface of the foot.

Pedors 2P Diabetic insert design and specifications:

The Pedors 2P diabetic has also veen reviewed and meet the requirements for coverage under Medicare's TSD Bill. The 2P insert is a bilam designed for dress shoes. The insert has an EVA closed cell 4mm top cover with a 25 A durometer and an EVA closed cell  6mm base layer at 42 -46 A durometer. 

Heat Mold Instructions:

For both the Pedors 3P and 2P inserts, heat moldable at 250 degrees F for 1 -2 minutes. 
Free evaluation samples available upon request. 


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