Pedors + Pedorthics

Pedors and Pedorthics - Why choose Pedors®?

Pedors are accommodative footwear designed with the help of Pedorthists and Orthotists and fitted by Pedorthic practitioners worldwide. Most Pedors products have been reviewed and approved for Medicare reimbursement for diabetic patients that qualify for coverage. 


With over 125 unique sizes Pedors are as close to a custom shoe as you can get at an off-the-shelf and affordable price.


Pedors are primarily worn by patients with swollen feet, edema, lymphedema, diabetes, arthritis, CMT, bunions, hammertoes and forefoot deformities. Pedors are available  in 5 different widths and are designed to accommodate bracing and orthotics.


The upper material is a proprietary blend of neoprene and EVA and we call this material Pedoprene™.  Pedoprene has the remarkable feature of stretch and compression but can also be heat molded for additional relief when necessary. See the graphic below for the key product features.

"I've often heard from Pedorthists that they consider Pedors as the "go-to" shoe, that when nothing else works, and that Pedors will usually save the sale. Some others call Pedors "the shoes-of-last-resort". I like to think of Pedors as the "shoes-of-first-resort," an essential component of a Pedorthist's inventory, a platform that a Pedorthist can use to craft a solution for any foot issue or challenge that is presented." - Steve O'Hare, President, Pedors Shoes

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It only takes 2 minutes to sign up to open an account by simply providing some basic contact information. You will then be able to log into the portal and place your orders online. We will mail a catalog packet to you with a product reference guide, wholesale pricing and order forms. Open an account here.


You can order directly on this website or by calling, faxing or emailing customer service if preferred.


Call: 800 750 6729  |  FAX 800 446 3101  |  Email:

Fulfillment Process is our wholesale HQ where orders can be placed online and then subsequently assigned by our customer service department to a warehouse for fulfillment. The site also serves as a repository for all things Pedors where marketing materials can be found as well as comprehensive product information.

In the United States we have two master distributors, Ruby Leather in Wisconsin and Burten Distribution in California. Usually customers on the eastern side of the country are serviced by Ruby Leather and those on the Western side of the country are serviced by Burten Distribution. However, on occasion there may be an instance where it may be necessary to ship product cross country if a particular item, size or width is on backorder with one of the warehouses.

Payment Options

Net 30 Day Terms

With approved credit, net 30 day terms are available. Please download our credit application and fax to 770 218 9027 for review. Please note that it can take a few weeks for credit references to be verified. New accounts that need product shipped more quickly can order with a credit or debit card. 

Credit Card Payment

With a credit card on file, orders are usually processed within 24 hours. Once the order is placed for fulfillment with either warehouse the card is charged and the order shipped.


UPS ground is the default shipping service. Our flat rate fee is $16 for the first pair and an additional $6 for each subsequent pair. Customers are encouraged to provide us with their own UPS/ FEDEX account details so we can ship on their own account. For expedited orders please call into customer service on 800 750 6729 so we can micromanage the order to ensure the level of service required.

Marketing Support

Marketing collateral can be found here

Upon request, we will customize marketing materials with your contact information and provide a “printer ready” pdf upon request. Marketing to your local referral network will drive more patients through your doors.