Genext® Shoes


Genext Performance Footwear is the next generation in the evolution of our brand. Our company mission statement  to provide accommodative and adaptive footwear remains our goal. Our challenge is to meet the ever changing specifications for orthopedic shoe designs that practitioners require to accommodate their patient’s needs, with what we call Fantastically Functional Footwear™. 

The Genext athletic line is a great walking shoe. The cushioned midsole makes it a great shoe for people working on their feet all day. The Genext Comfort line has more traditional formal styling, a shoe for the city and the Genext Hiker is a great recreational outdoor hiking boot. 

Genext Performance Footwear is ASTM and SATRA rated slip resistant footwear  ***WATER ONLY*** The Genext Performance rubber outsole exceeded the slip resistance requirements for both the ASTM F 1677-2005 and the SATRA TM144-2007 quarry tile standard for both wet and dry conditions.  Water only.  NOT suitable for oil/kitchen work.

The Genext Orthotic System comprises of the original active orthotic and the newer dress orthotic. The original active orthotic has been sixed to fit perfectly into the Genext Athletic and Comfort lines. The combination of the active orthotic combined with Genext footwear makes for a custom orthoedic solution for pronators, heel support, plantar fasciitis treatment, metatarsalgia, and to improve the biomechanical function of the shoe. 

The newer dress orthotic has a lower profile for use in footwear where depth in the shoe is limited. The dress orthotic has an arch padded with memory foam for cushioning and a thermplastic base layer for durability. The dress orthotic is available in a neutral heel and either with or without a metatarsal pad.