International Accounts

The biggest challenge for our international accounts is the cost of shipping.
We've found that the most affordable and quickest way to deal with that is for the customer to use a their own local freight forwarder (UPS/ DHL/ FEDEX or any other small package specialist etc) so that they can manage shipments and the relevant duties and brokerage expenses easily and negotiate rates etc.

Once you have created an account profile on we will ask for a credit card to be kept on file as all international shipments are pre-paid. Alternatively, should you prefer to do so, we can share bank details for a wire transfer - but they are usually more expensive and take longer to process and delay fulfillment times.

Once an order is picked and packed (usually within 24 hrs) we send through the dimensions and weight and a commercial invoice for you to share with your local agent. The agent would then email us the shipping labels for the warehouse to stick on the boxes and arrange a pick up.

Our cases are of six pairs, so to keep the cost down and maximize efficiencies, we suggest ordering in multiples of six pairs whenever possible - mixed cases ok. Bigger boxes (case of 12 pairs for example) fall prey to dimensional weight surcharges and are much more expensive to ship than two smaller cases of six. For larger orders, cases can be palletized for additional savings. The most efficient way to ship is by the container load. A 20 foot container holds about 2300 pairs.