Genext® Orthotics

The Genext Orthotic System by Pedors is outstanding in promoting good foot health and function.  The Genext Orthotic System is firm in the midfoot promoting better stability, especially for those activities requiring more lateral movements.  The midfoot firmness is evenly distributed into the medial arch providing a more aggressive support from rear foot to forefoot.  Most of the OTC inserts I see are too aggressive in the rear foot, leaving the front of the medial arch exposed and unsupported.  The metatarsal pad is placed perfectly in conjunction with the medial arch support.  None of my customers have had the "marble" or "rock" feeling under the forefoot like most OTC inserts that have the metatarsal pad placed too far forward.  Many customers have experienced immediate relief for their forefoot conditions like metatarsalgia and neuromas as well as rear foot issues like Plantar Faciitis.  I am very happy that I brought the Genext Orthotic System by Pedors into my Pedorthic Facility and so are my Customers!   Randy Sparks, CPED, Roswell GA

 Genext orthoitcs are an off-the-shelf orthotic system built on a cork and rubber shell.  Tri-density bamboo charcoal foams to maximize both shock absorption and cushioning.  Bamboo charcoal manages to control moisture, odor and bacteria present in the foot.

The Polyester top cover is designed to reduce friction and wick away moisture.

Cupped rear foot provides both stability and support in the heel.

Available in either a neutral or medially posted heel and either with or without a metatarsal pad. 

Sample available upon request. 

Retail / practice friendly packaging.