Save the planet, octopus and our 2015 Catalog

Posted by Stephen O'Hare on 27th Jan 2015

Save the planet, octopus and our 2015 Catalog

You see the notice all the time. It’s usually just after the signature sign off on an email “Remember the environment when considering whether to print this email…” But people generally print what they need to and don’t just print for the sake of it. The reason is not only to save trees and the environment, but also to save ink because of the rip off prices of ink cartridges these days – as well as saving the ink producing octopuses and squid of course.

But sometimes it’s necessary to print a document as well as saving a copy of it to your hard drive. A virtual desk top is not as convenient as a real tangible desk top when reaching for a document for quick reference. It’s why newspapers are still being printed for those of us that might use a tablet but still prefer to hold a newspaper.

And the same goes for product catalogs too of course.

Visit to download your e-copy of the catalog and to order your hard copy as well should you want one.