Q: Pedors & Long Term Care / Nursing Homes - Why do many practitioners call Pedors "the #1 Nursing Home shoes?"

A: We make it easy to find the right shoes for your resident.

For 25 years Pedors Shoes has been known as the “go-to” shoe company for seniors with foot problems. The proprietary upper material called Pedoprene™ allows the forefoot of the shoe to stretch and mold to the foot and provide compression to help reduce swelling.The Pedors Classic was the original stretch orthopedic shoe, an innovative design that incorporates the latest material technologies to provide orthopedic and therapeutic footwear solutions for the hard to fit foot. Lightweight and easy to put on and take off with velcro closures. Pedors are specifically designed with seniors in mind to minimize the risk of injury associated with falls including delayed heel strike and toe spring features. Generally regarded by PT’s and OT’s as the #1 Nursing home shoe, Pedors are considered the perfect post op and rehab shoe for seniors. For more on this The Importance of Finding the Right Shoes For Seniors.

Free returns and exchanges:  Our Resident20 program includes all return shipping and exchange shipping until you and your resident are happy they have the right shoe. We try to get it right the first time, but if for whatever reason you or your resident feel they need a different sized shoe, we will send a free return label and cover the expense for exchange shipping at no additional charge. We make it easy. We make it simple. More info on why the right size matters.

Pedors features:

• Strech Pedoprene™ Uppers accommodate forefoot deformities / toe issues / swelling

• Most styles are extremely lightweight (less than 1lb per shoe)

• Most styles are available in full sizes and half sizes. Over 125 unique sizes

• The range features many widths, from a medium to an XXX-Wide (6E)

• Most styles are machine washable

• Most styles feature a removable foot-bed to accommodate custom orthotics

Associated benefits:

• Affordable accommodative therapeutic foowear

• High resident compliance in actually wearing appropriate footwear, reduced fall risk

• Easy on and off helps both the wearer and carer

• Medicare reviewed for diabetics, FDA Class 1 Medical Device

• Easy to order. Free returns & free exchanges

• HHS Government agency program and fixed income discount

TWO WAYS TO ORDER & PAY - Pick what works for your workflow

LTC Orders With Discount Code

• Order with 20% off retail code
• Manage returns & exchanges

• Free shipping in all directions


Use Code: RESIDENT20

Resident / Family Orders Direct With Discount Code

• Give 20% off code to residents or family members
• Pedors deals directly with resident/family

• Free shipping in all directions


Use Code: RESIDENT20


Some of our more popular LTC / Nurshing Home styles are displayed below.