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What a massive hit the Pedors High-Top for swollen feet and hammertoes has been!  Whether you need a boot that has depth for orthotics or a boot to accept foot bracing or just a comfortable warm boot that can accommodate swollen feet, overlapping toes, the Pedors High Top is like nothing else out there. 

The Pedors High Top was designed for people where the weather can sometimes mean that the right pair of boots can be the difference between going outside or staying inside. The double touch-closure straps make it easy to open the boot up to get on and then close for the perfect fit. Deep, wide, secure, comfortable, warm, this boot offers it all.

For a boot this functional one of the amazing things is how light it is!  Using modern construction techniques and our proprietary Pedoprene™ keep the weight down which is essential for a boot of this type. The boots offer additional ankle support over our regular shoes and can accommodate ankle bracing and or orthotics when necessary.

Pedors High Top Boot

Features & Benefits

  • The Pedors High Top boots are only available in full sizes and the XX-W (4E) width
  • Upper features a Pedoprene™ stretch panel which may stretch to accommodate a slightly wider foot than 4E
  • Pedoprene™ stretch panel works great for hammertoes or crossed-toes
  • Pedoprene™ can be heat-molded when necessary to provide for really difficult hammertoes / crossed-toes
  • The High-Top comes with an EVA insole which is a ¼ inch thick to provide extra “plantar” or sole cushioning
  • This EVA insole can be removed to accommodate shallow or very deep orthotics
  • The adjustable double touch closure strap makes the boots easy to put on and take off
  • The adjustable double touch closure strap makes for easy adjustments over the course of the day as swelling increases and decreases in the feet

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