Pedors Classic MAX Wrap Sandals For Lymphedema Black (WRX600) (PAIR)

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 The Classic MAX Wrap Sandal (WRX600) was designed primarily for people with extremely swollen severe lymphedema, chronic venous insufficiency and for people who may have bandaged feet, wear compression garments or have their feet wrapped to help reduce swelling. The primary intent is to get some plantar surface protection for the foot when no other footwear can accommodate the foot. It is a solution for people who find they are walking around in socks because they can't find a footwear solution. The Pedors Classic MAX Wrap Sandal is the ultimate shoe of last resort.

Pedors Wrap Sandal Features & Benefits

What widths of feet are these good for?
Due to the nature of the open back and toe of the Wrap Sandal, the adjustable strap and the stretch upper, these Wrap Sandals will be able to accommodate extremely swollen feet. From 6E to 16E.


  • Closure: two elongated overlapping Pedoprene flaps
  • Non-removable footbed, slightly raised, cushioned
  • Open rear and toe area


  • Pedoprene flaps on the lateral medial side allow for the foot to be easily placed on the footbed
  • The touch closure panel on the under flap allows for the sandal to be adjusted by as much as five inches in girth
  • Pedoprene material also provides some compression to help reduce swelling
  • Footbed is designed for cushion and comfort
  • Rigid sole has a fairly aggressive toe spring (to reduce the risk of tripping)
  • Rubber composite outsole with moderate traction- neither too grippy nor too slick

Pedors Instep MeasurePedors Wrap Sandal Size & Girth Chart


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