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Pedors® Classics

The original Pedors Classic. 

Since the early collaboration with Pedorthists in 1997, Pedors has strived to bring innovative and accommodative stretch designs to market that will work for common foot complaints like bunions and hammertoes.  Pedors shoes are easily modifiable for further customization by the practitioner.

The Pedoprene upper stretches to accoomodate the most demanding forefoot deformity but can also take a heat mold when necessary. 

Fitted to patients with forefoot deformities and diabetics at risk for foot issues, the Pedors Classic is the "go to" shoe for many practitioners when no other product can work.

Strong but lightweight, the Classic has become known as the #1 Nursing Home Shoe with great patient compliance in environments where patient comliance for wearing footwear is often a safety issue.

Single touch closure strap makes it easy for both the patient and caregiver to get the shoe on and off the foot.   

We'd like to invite anyone that would be interested in evaluating a sample for themselves - the proof is in the pudding. We offer free samples without any purchase obligation. 


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