Pedors & Podiatry - What are Pedors® and why do I need them in my practice?

Pedors stretch therapeutic shoes are designed to accommodate forefoot problems, swollen feet and also bracing. The upper material is a proprietary blend of neoprene and EVA and we call this material Pedoprene™.  Pedoprene has the remarkable property of not only being stretchy but also heat-moldable.  Pedors are primarily worn by people suffering from the following conditions; swollen feet, edema, lymphedema, diabetes, arthritis, CMT, bunions, hammertoes and corns. Pedors Shoes has been proudly supplying Poditrists with quality therapeutic footwear for over 25 years.

Illustrated below: Pedors Classic MAX

Pedors offers three ways for Podiatrists to help their patients 

1. Wholesale Ordering
2. Affiliate Sign Up

3. Direct Discount Code

1. Wholesale Ordering - Sign Up

Podiatrists can sign up online to order from either of our East Coast Wholesale Here or West Coast Wholesale Here websites at wholesale pricing.  There are no minimum order requirements and if you order online, we can even ship direct to your patient at no extra cost.

2. Become A Pedors Affiliate

Sign up to become a Pedors Affiliate and receive a 15% discount code unique to your practice.  Your code is then distributed by you to your patients and they use the code on our retail website, www.pedors.com.  In addition, your practice accumulates 15% of all sales in redeemable commissions.  To sign up, please visit the Pedors Affiliate Program Page Here. 

3. Simply Offer  A Discount Code

If you don't wish to sign up to become a wholesale account, nor an affiliate, but want to recommend our products to your patients, please feel free to distribute this code: DOCREF15 to be used on our retail website, www.pedors.com.